Thursday, 25 July 2013

Weird Science 1985 Eng [DVDRip] x264 Torrent Download

Weird Science (1985)

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Weird Science torrent

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Year: 1985
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Director: John Hughes
Starring: Anthony Michael Hall, Kelly LeBrock, Ilan Mitchell-Smith

Two nerdish boy trying to create the perfect woman, but she turns out to be more than that.
Strange Science is the best of 80's comedy that has ever been made. They say. Ghostbusters hire, summer, wide open spaces, Strange Brew, Gung Ho, Mr. Mom, these movies have their place, but none of them can match the Strange Science for laughs or pure .... eightiesness. So eightiesness this quality. This "Just qualitatively dated, but one that is material and rated my brethren fourscore love today. Back me if you want the time in which Anthony Michael Hall is still forwarded calls and Kelly LeBrock was a French sexy.Weird science has all the necessary comedy Eighties: hot girl at least a couple of actors who do not work or do anything to come, a lot of eighty fire flows corny soundtrack hell eighties (and Oingo Boingo as trivial and eighties as they get), and lots of cheap funny jokes. Without a doubt, the best thing about science is strange Bill Paxton, who plays his brother Wyatts Thu. Chet is the worst brother ever grace the silver screen is an example for all of our brothers and sisters around the world, including me. The couple for extorting money and valuables from Wyatt in exchange for his silence about the activities Wyatts. Much of the film, Thu turns out that frog or what it is. Man I love this part. The rest of the cast does a good job of their characters. Kelly LeBrock does a good job, that hot. Robert Downey Jr. did not show no indication of future addiction. The film is insignificant that it is nothing innovative or special. Its just a fun movie. And the classic eighties. Conclusion: If you grew up in the eighties and had never seen Weird Science, then you should expiate their crimes go buy immediately. Then write me a letter telling me how grateful you are that I put you on the path of rightousness and eighties correctness.

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