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World War Z 2013 Eng (DVD-R) XViD Torrent Download

World War Z (2013)

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Year: 2013
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
Director: Marc Forster
Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz

United Nations employee Gerry Lane across the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is demolishing the armies and governments and threatening to destroy humanity itself.
World War Z, although involving zombies, the people playing more like a disaster movie zombie movie instead. That is more like 2012 compared to Resident Evil. We see images of the city collapsed and zombies rule the world is slowly turning into a zombie wasteland. Zombie Attack scale, large, and very interesting, except for the top which ends up as a sequence of small scale, but equally satisfactory. Hero is Gerry Lane, a retired UN investigator hired by what was left of the U.S. government to help young virologist Dr. Fassbach in the investigation of the virus. He reluctantly accepted the assignment in exchange for his family to take refuge on a U.S. Navy ship. After Fassbach died (so funny) is determined to stop this epidemic. During their visit to Camp Humphreys in South Korea (where the word Zombie was first used in reference to plague) learn that zombies are interested in sound. They also learned that Israel has established itself as a safe area after quarantine themselves at the wall. Civil affected, regardless of nationality, are allowed to enter. However, because civil sing loudly into the microphone, zombies piling up and got on the wall, and chaos ensues. It's the largest action sequences in the entire film. The scale is so large and the scene is very interesting. Millions of people chased from infected millions around zombies. Chaos is just indescribable. Add the fact that the zombies are careless and not only multiplies itself civilized and chaos. But this scene is not the only one. Theres another before returning to Philadelphia where zombies straight Gerry witness for the first time. The action sequences very entertaining, great, but surprisingly bloody (which is odd for a movie with zombies). Theyre great, except the top, where the smallest remarkable set at ease WHO, but the same high tension, and allow more shocks. Brad Pitt plays the main character, Gerry Lane. His character is without personalities here as most of the time, hes just involved in the action. But Mr. Pitt gives the performance of a pretty enjoyable. Rest of the cast give good performances as well and act not burden the overall movie experience. Script is not too bad either. This deviates significantly from the original book was a bit uneven, but the line makes sense. It works well because it contains a script for a real plot to follow. It has a plot that makes sense and the script recognizes this. Its also noted that he has some funny scenes too.It far from perfect, heavy on action sequences, and uneven, but World War Z is a very fun ride for everyone to enjoy. I would also say families over children as characters seem quite impressive. Another reason for more family friendly bloody. It has a real sense plot (unlike zombie movies most careless them) and if you ignore the small mistakes and plot holes, World War Z will take you away on one of the most fun rides. Rating: Verdict 7/10Final: World War Z is uneven and far from perfect, but its fun and exhilarating ride that is more than a disaster movie with a typical zombie movie, and somewhat family friendly.

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