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American Beauty (1999)

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American Beauty torrent

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Year: 1999
Genre: Drama
Director: Sam Mendes
Starring: Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, Thora Birch

Lester Bern, depressed suburban father in a mid-life crisis, decides to change his hectic life around after developing a passion for his daughter's attractive friend.
American Beauty is a tour de force of filmmaking. Sam Mendes brilliant debut captures network of characters who yearn for their own American dream - but in the end only one character actually reaches it.Having saw success recently, I could not help but compare: both films center around a miniature society in which people in a unique way, all cen & Scaron , as to succeed or simply & Scaron, Å¥astný. But here the similarity ends: With the success of the characters undergo a process of self-realization that more and more conscious about their meaningless existence, and go to wallow in corruption. Happiness has no redeeming features, but American Beauty viewers are offered a sense of hope, salvation, although the characters have to endure the same fate, or rather endure life the way trapped.The central figure, the object centers father Lester, Kevin Spacey played smoothly. It is presented to us as a bit of a loser who plays conquered the file at work and at home. He seems resigned to an unhappy life where he was treated badly by his wife and daughter, and she šéfv work. The seemingly irreparable, Lester transforms are loser.Mendes captures this transformation amazingly well: she shows the way to enlightenment Lester pushed against the background of fierce suburbanite existence. These early scenes are well-balanced with a solid rhythm characteristics of commercial television, for example, which shows a very funny if sometimes unpleasant. As Lester is reflected in the film: My life is like an advertisement. And how it rings true: the happiness, all the characters are hiding beneath this veneer normality and dignity, and yet they all turned out to be nothing but the opposite: depressed, corrupt and desperate.Lesters woman, played by Annette Benning,'s greatest achievement oriented character with a story that makes her most desperate tone of the movie ethos. To býtv successful life one has to reflect the appearance of progress is the principle that it receives from the King estate, Buddy King. It is a phrase that resonates throughout the film: the pawn Benning, life is all about keeping-up appearances. This is where Lester is different from that: the emancipation of the authorized him to throw the restrictions in daily life, and what his heart desires.Lester catalyst in this story, the supporting characters either follow (as well as his daughter and Ricky) or pay (as well as his wife and Colonel). The irony inherent in this film, and increasing resonance in the film nearing completion, it is the only character who actually put to sacrifice everything to achieve. However, thanks to its victims, it is able to afford the surviving characters glimmer of hope life.This film left me gasping for breath: the hyper-realism is, at the same time, a portrait of suburban comedy, shock, shock realization and cathartic feeling hope. Mendes depicts a man carrying a greater or lesser extent, all seeking the American dream, but so few actually achieve it. While one may have a problem with labeling this movie to feel good label, American Beauty is beauty, it is located halfway between desperate calls for her help and soothing feeling of happiness and fulfillment, and it's a movie at its best.

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