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Argo 2012 English PDVD [720p] Torrent Download

Argo (2012)

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Year: 2012
Genre: Drama, History, Thriller
Director: Ben Affleck
Starring: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin

Dramatization of the 1980 joint CIA covert operations in Canadian runaway six American diplomats excerpt from revolutionary Iran.
This is a great movie. The story, acting, pacing, editing, and others are just fantastic. Affleck's direction is solid, and the tension that will keep you entertained until the last moment. I love it. It does have an annoying thing, however, is kind of a big one. It said most of Affleck's character and appreciation for the CIA. This really is not true. It is really interesting Ken Taylor and Canada Full Category List Canada off so successfully.When Taylor heard some years ago that Mendez the film rights to his book (which, to be honest, is nobler than the film about the role had sold canadas) I said, Well, that would be interesting ..... Film fun, exciting, relevant, timely, he said. But see, Canada is not alone watching the event happen around. CIA postscript old junior partner.The a message that, for political reasons, Canada is sending the credit. A sarcastic saying kicker Taylor received 112 citations. The clear implication is that he is not entitled to them. (September / October 2012, Thus, the United States will no longer assess the history here. I believe that the ARGO go so far. Yes, based on a true story - the film does its best to illustrate that it is connected to technical accuracy. And it's really going on, in a certain way. Photo history of the flag burners, mobs, climbers door, and so on. against Argo movie stills operated by the current credit crisis makes it seem that the facts were observed down to the smallest detail. In fact it was not Tony Mendez or the CIA is responsible for the success of this operation, in fact they almost do not exist. Since the film premiered, Ben Affleck emphasis added Postscripts films since then that gives credit to the role of Canada. This was after Ken Taylor polite to complain, so delicately Canada will do. But Affleck did so only after pressure from Taylor himself.I, the need to make them understand not as interesting and entertaining as possible, wrong. Events But this film is necessary to let the public know that more clear than it is, even after changing postscripts.Still, a film really entertaining and compelling, very well done, and easily worth a look. As a matter of fact, do not miss it.

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