Friday, 19 July 2013

The Butterfly Effect 2004 English (DVD-R) 720p Torrent Download

The Butterfly Effect (2004)

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The Butterfly Effect torrent

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Year: 2004
Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Eric Bress
Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Melora Walters, Amy Smart

A young man blocks out harmful memories of significant events of his life. As she grew, she discovered a way to remember the lost memories and a supernatural way to alter his life.
Man ... Phew ... Wow! Loss of words. High-octane, tantalizing, brain-stimulating current to describe the film: excellent. The plot is: excellent. The story is: a. Drama / Tension: min numbingHow authors with this story is so beautiful, I know it can be done, and it was even more beautiful as a director. You Treborn main character, Evan (Ashton Kutcher) as I waited to see the result of changes made by each of the visual stimuli, there were plenty of mental stimulation. This movie kept me guessing and the edge of my seat, and the authors have outdone themselves by making sure that the end of the film with a certain Peter is lame. What is the cherry on top was the end and classic looks.

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