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Psycho 1960 (Eng) (DVD-R) [Dual Audio] Torrent Download

Psycho (1960)

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Psycho torrent

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Year: 1960
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Starring: Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin

Thirty-something secretary of stealing $ 40.000 to his employers, customers, and then encounters a young motel owner too long domination of his mother.
Yes, everything you've heard is true. Considered to be a part of pop culture. Internal conflict is well-known. But in practice I have not seen the movie, nothing shocks itselfIf, make yourself a favor. Thse stop reading comments, receive, take a shower, and then go get this movie. Buy, do not lease. You can easily the best horror thriller of all time itPsycho will not regret it. Nothing even comes close to ... Maybe Les Diaboliques (1955), but a film you will not have one of the best scripts reallyPsycho. Film, but probably not one of the characters for the film's first act is a little encouragement, but the story progresses, you realize that it is Hitchcock (even great! Genius!) Even another character, their motivation is more important than ever, In order to make a stroke because of it. Is very important. It is important that you completely forget about anything else. I had the whole plot of the film as far as I wisely avoided any discussion was fortunate enough to spend my life. I thank God! Arguably the best plot on the central point of the movie thriller and climate change and, of course, ended with the best steering. The last few shots and leave to cool spectators mindJust lingering horror, and defies the Hitchcocks outstanding in the field, writing comments. The film is probably the best director, best historys directorial effort is enough to say that. I have Hitchcock revival of the great oldtime I was fortunate enough to see this film in a cinema. Still gorgeous Janet Leigh, spoke about the film before the film is even Hitchcocks to leave an indelible mark), and 2 without) cast a shadow of fear 1 without being able to explain how it (the great Jean Renoir, as it can not). Psycho does not disappoint by leaving out his trademark dark humor, in spite of all the big name talent involvedHitchcock clearly a phenomenon in itself. Once the glow of an orgasm both scary and funny. I saw it in the theater audience's disbelief and fall-on-the-floor laughingOne was gasping more ... Tony Perkins thing. Janet Leigh is a very decent for this film received accolades, but the single best performance by an actor in UAFA Perkins movie in which the remaining amount. This is so that you can try Brillance is understated. He is a character. The role of Gus Van Sants transparent Brillance 1998 (Dear God, make it stop!) And actors from shot-to-day remake mayonnaise ineptitude. The film is almost the same in the case, mainly because of the atmosphere is Hitchcocks (some creepiness color is lost), and is preferred. The Leighs nature and Perkins, central vision is clear by the initial conversation. Although Perkins is a remake of the devastation and the shots just the same as compared to the original shine and luster shines through. That the chemical away from the scene remake everything and Mars, there is no understanding of upcoming events. Perkins could never get rid of this role - he stopped the rising star of stars, as in the 50s - is evidence that he played a part, perhaps the most beautiful word wellI , keep using, but I can not hide enthusiasm for this film. It is all too often these days, Hollywood is spewing overblown, overbudget, long hair is no different. Psycho star on a simple, well-crafted, and not just the right lengthEleven and a half.

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