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Disconnect (2012)

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Year: 2012
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Director: Henry Alex Rubin
Starring: Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Jonah Bobo

Drama about a group of people searching for human relations in today's wired world.
This movie has three parallel stories, one important thing in common: real life unravel as their presence in the media, social media, especially spiral out of control. Moreover, as it turns out, cutting each story ends with one or two others.There is Ben, a young loner who is extremely cheated and then callously exposed on; web with two young schoolmates. This forces Ben to make a serious decision that will leave their future hanging by a thread and his parents and sister are Cindy and Derek reeling.Then, which fo rsöker contend with the death of their child. As if that werent enough of an issue in their life, they discover credit card which has been maxed. The hiring private eye are, Mike, Cindy backtracks and Derek is every move online, with unexpected revelations. Furthermore, the results of an investigation Mike aggravating the problem rather than solving it.Finally is Nina, reporter up-and-coming television news who gets his hands on Kyle life story, ending in older teenager salacious nature of the work carried out online in front of a camera. Play TV Nina is first approved in general, but its transmission unleashes an avalanche of problems for both Nina and Kyle, as well as other people in his clear interpretation lives.A career title Disconnect is to associate with dangers of disconnection with the real people in the real world. And indeed: the people in this film do communicate a lot via text, and in chat rooms. In these areas, things are sometimes not what they seem, and neither are people? Two other characters make, and communicate with someone else pretending to be that person, and thus potentially deadly consequences.But Disconnect title can also be seen as a necessity: Relax! Log out already! Otherwise you will forget real existences can not be edited, backed up, deleted and restored as virtual. Actually bothering real life this film with virtual plots so that even the latter takes out Mike turns.It accidental twists not only changes the lives of Cindy and Derek (are set to make a dramatic move as a result of studies Mike), is also the violence involved in the story about Ben. Father Ben, in turn, is associated in the TV station where Nina works, the way he pulled on two fronts in the fallout from risky behavior of young people on the Internet. While it is immediately connected Nina that's another story in the film superimposes the fact that she's a TV personality probably its history on the other: so everyone is online these days, everyone will still consume sensational television news . (Need even say: when you turn on your TV, you can also relax real life.) The three stories progress at the same pace and top simultaneously. After the scheming, searching, plotting, and just common misconception comes from mobile phones and computer keyboards, sudden ending scenes in freeze-frame. Real-world existences in ultimate conflict, inevitable collision. The disconnect comes home to roost.

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