Friday, 5 July 2013

Stand Up Guys 2012 Eng (DVD-R) (x264) Torrent Download

Stand Up Guys (2012)

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Year: 2012
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Director: Fisher Stevens
Starring: Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin

Stickup few aging men trying the old gear together for one last hurray before one of the guys takes his last assignment - to kill his friend.
The film has a lovely feel about it, great story, great acting and a great soundtrack that compliments the movie and characters? I found myself in the character as Walken always act like seeing and hearing the dialogue sucked, Pacino was great in this film. He is not bad, tough but lovable delinquent one of his best films I think. Walken does not give us the old stories we are used to, but its presence is simply not expect perfection.Do, this film is a violent gangster and action, which is the other end of the career. The experience and the heart is a long way.I say that when the film was made with a different cast, I think it is very slow and easy to overlook, walking and Pacino do a movie for real, as they come.

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